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    Offering CNC machining services, with a focus on firearms and related parts, Fort Manufacturing brings years of precision machining experience to the firearms industry.

  • AR15 Billet Lower Receivers

    Machined in-house at Fort Manufacturing, our billet aluminum lower receivers have a unique flared magwell, as well as modern, clean styling.

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When you need quality, reliable parts.

We know the frustration of having your gun misfire at the range due to poorly made components. We can only imagine the nightmare of having your gun not function at a critical moment, where it’s the only thing protecting you and your family. We have a family too, and because of this, we’re focused on making the most reliable firearms and precision machined parts on the market.

As an FFL Type 7 firearms manufacturer, we’re looking to augment your production capacity, as well as produce our own “Fort” branded firearms and parts, and white-label firearms parts. Reach out if you’re interested in partnering up, and we’ll work with you to file a marking variance with the BATF – be sure to reach out long before you’re ready, as this process can take weeks, if not months!

In addition to firearms and parts, we offer machine shop services in Kearney, Nebraska, as well as general welding and fabrication services. Contact us with questions and for quotes.

Quality & Reliability

The highest quality parts made to be the most reliable on the market.

Proudly Made in Nebraska

We’re Nebraskans. Hardworking, small town folks, just like you.

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